How to watch cartoon online?

Kids love cartoons and there are many ways to watch it. Not only for the kids but there are also some cartoons which entertains teens and adults too. Among the many, the cartoons made during the period of 1930 to 1960 are very enjoyable. They are very popular and have got the viewers from all around the world. Some of the most popular shows are Tom and Jerry, Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse.  

You can watch them on various TV programs. Some TV channels that are specially designed for broadcasting the cartoons. One of the best way to Watch Cartoons Online is mentioned here.

There are many ways to watch the cartoon online. Many websites have been developed so that you can enjoy it at any time. Some of the website provides you the service for free of cost whereas some charges for it.

Here we have listed the 2 best ways for you to watch the cartoon online:-

  1. Watch cartoons on video sharing websites

There are many video sharing websites in internet. YouTube and Metacafe are the most popular video sharing websites. You can watch cartoons online through them for free of cost. The simple steps for using these sites for watching cartoon are:-

  • Open your web browser. If you want to watch it on YouTube then go to www.yahoo.com or if you prefer Metacafe then go to www.metacafe.com.
  • Both YouTube and Metacafe provides you the “Search” option. Type the name of your favorite cartoon shows through Search. As search result is provided to you, look if your favorite show is available or not. Then click on it to play it.

  1. Watching cartoons on cartoons network TV websites

There are many cartoon network TV channels nowadays and those network channels also have their own websites. Here are the steps to watch cartoon on those websites:-

  • From your web browser, go to the official site of your favorite cartoon network cable TV channel. For example if you wish to see the cartoons from Nick channel then go to www.nick.com.
  • On the Nick website, you will find “Videos” tab on the top side. Click on that.
  • The various episodes list is provided in your screen. Click on your favorite episode to watch.

There are many other websites which offers to watch cartoon online. If you are unable to play your favorite episode on Nick then you can try it on other sites.

As compare to the charged sites, the video quality in free sites be low. And sometimes you may not find your favorite cartoons on the free site. In these case there is no option for you than going for the paid sites.

Note: most of the websites have the feature to play the videos in your browser. However it is not same in all the sites as some may require you to install the special programs in your computer. Also if you are playing the video for the kids then you should also remember that some cartoons may not be suitable for them due to adult and violence contents.