Easy Peasy Homeschool Review

Easy Peasy is totally free online homeschool curriculum shared by those moms who are giving homeschooling to their kids. This curriculum is a complete college prep program, starting from prep to college.  In this, the methodology includes mixing of both traditional methods and online resources. Its resources are linked online while it also uses real books, copy work, picture studies, techniques of narration together with activity sheets too. For it various basic requirements are needed like a computer, internet connection, paper, scissors, glue, crayons, colored pencil and pens.

The full website of Easy Peasy is quite impressive and the best advantage is that it is full-service program and entire curriculum is free and useful.  It is suitable for both individual student and family. There are excellent reviews about easy peasy homeschooling which are as follows:

  • The entire curriculum is free.
  • It is very simple and easy to use.
  • It includes all-in-one course well-organized and well- managed.
  • Learning is fun here.
  • The courses are simple and organized and easy to understand.
  • Easily accessible if there is good internet connection and Wi-Fi connection.
  • There are different levels which are very easy for child and lots of flexibility is there, thus it becomes easy foe child to grasp easily. Students can easily switch to different levels.
  • This curriculum is easily adaptable.
  • It also includes Art, Music, and Health/EP. Every subject is included in the curriculum for overall development of students.
  • Easy Peasy curriculum has very low impact on environment since it is online based thus involves less paper is involved in it.
  • EP reduces the stress of parents.
  • It is a free online complete curriculum. There is nothing to buy except computer and access to the internet is needed.
  • It is adaptable, flexible and environment-friendly curriculum.
  • There are excellent well-designed planners.
  • Planners are really helpful in homeschooling kids & students a lot.
  • Everything is totally online including text- books which save from purchasing of workbooks and books.
  • It is wholly customizable which includes Science, History, Mathematics, Science, Art, Music, Computer, Bible etc. For doing entire curriculum, one can choose subjects according to their choices.
  • Learning is game-based, thus learning is done through play. There are online games which are highly interactive and have lots of fun.
  • It is Christian oriented, as the subjects like science, literature, history have the biblical view.
  • A Child can easily follow the curriculum, by clicking on the links as it is self-paced.
  • The curriculum is totally advanced and is college- focused.
  • It hardly takes 2-3 hours daily to go through all the materials and is perfect and enough.
  • Very little teaching is needed in easy peasy therefore, it is also parent-friendly. The post activities are also supplied by the curriculum.
  • It is very easy and not complicated, there is no muss & fuss in the curriculum and thus it looks like a miracle and therefore there is lot of enjoyment in learning.

However, one drawback that is with every homeschooling curriculum is that you don’t get a certificate. So, you will need to download a Certificate of Completion Template, print it with your name and then you can so it to the world.

Otherwise, easy peasy homeschool is a good to go option.